Collaborative Assistance

Essentially what collaborative assistance means is ArzherFILMS signs on to help produce your film by investing in your project in terms of subsidized services. For example, your short film project may require $9,000 worth of off-line editing, however your budget only has $3,000 available. If ArzherFILMS accepts your project for collaborative assistance, you would hire ArzherFILMS to do the editing. The cost is still $9,000 on paper, but you would only pay $3,000. By subsidizing the remaining cost, ArzherFILMS makes an investment of $6,000 into your project and becomes a producing partner in your film.

Collaborating with ArzherFILMS

Canadian film-makers searching for collaborative assitance on their independent project are invited to contact ArzherFILMS regarding production and post-production solutions. However, before contacting us, please read the following sections thoroughly.

All decisions are made on a case by case basis. ArzherFILMS has a diverse interest in subjects, styles and genres. From social issues-based documentaries to character-driven dramas, psychological thrillers to dark comedies—we love them all. What we are looking for in a project is a strong narrative, a sense of style, and—most importantly—a cohesive vision.

Submitting a proposal

Please read these requirements before you fire off a proposal to us.

This is what is required in order for us to consider any project. PDF format is strongly preferred, RTF is acceptable, but Word is discouraged if possible. Please make sure to include:

All that said, it is best if you first contact us with an introductory email telling us about yourself and your project. If we are interested in reading more, we will extend an invitation for you to submit your proposal.